Energetic Space Clearing

Due to the recommendations of the CDC and restrictions due to Covid, this service is currently on hold. However, we can arrange a mini session for me to guide you on how to clear your own spaces. <3

Energetic Space Clearing cleans or clears energetic residue that can build up and become stagnant. Through the process of life ~ energetic signatures are created, which can build up and stop the natural energy flow creating imbalance and blockages. Energetic Space Clearing utilizes sacred herbs, prayer, and intentions to clear stagnant energy and lower vibrations which creates an opportunity for energy to flow more naturally.

Energetic Space Clearing is especially beneficial when moving. It assists to prepare a new space as your own or to cut ties from the space you are leaving as you move on to a new beginning.   Other motivations to clear may include: an experienced trauma, a chronic illness, a big life change, and many other limitless reasons.  Clearings can be done anytime to assist in raising the vibrations from energy that has gotten stagnant or cluttered.     It can be done in your home, office, vehicles or anywhere you would like to create clearing and balance. We recommend a professional full space clearing ceremony at minimum once a year.  Once completed, a less intense maintenance clearing is suggested to be performed every 3 months or more often as needed.

Energetic Space Clearing fees are on a case by case basis.  They typically range from $75 – $250 depending on square footage and also how energetically imbalanced the property is before clearing.

Contact Lois  (814) 431-3367 for a cost estimate designed for you and your space.