Meet Lois Thompson

Quantum Balance Erie was created in 2011 when a great awakening within myself led me to the understanding that my life had come together like a giant puzzle- one where all the pieces fit together and formed a whole picture of healing.

Lois Thompson

Many things in my life brought me to this journey of helping others find healing, not the least of which was a chronic rare autoimmune disorder that I suffered greatly with for 15 years.  After a huge breakthrough in late 2006, I realized that I had to relearn how to live as a healthy person and not just the patient I had been. 

It took a lot of self-reflection, personal growth, and holistic wellness providers to find this new way to live.  It was then that I began to understand that I needed to share what I’ve learned with others who may be suffering the way I had, both physically and mentally.  In doing so, I learned that my calling – my life purpose- is to bring healing to others in a compassionate, warm-hearted, and loving way while providing the professional care my clients expect and deserve.

I’ve turned my pain into my purpose. 

My family is an integral part of my success – I have been married to my wonderful, loving husband, Joe, for 40 years.  Together we have three amazing “beautiful inside and out” daughters who are each following their own life paths and inspiring me as I move along mine.  This loving foundation on which I’ve based my life, along with the knowledge and skills I gained from training in numerous healing modalities, has led me to create Quantum Balance Coaching- a holistic modality that truly benefits anyone seeking a better way to live.

Now I have both the honor and the privilege of working with others who are looking for guidance and healing.  Helping others heal themselves from the inside out is not simply a mission statement; it’s my life purpose.

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