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Quantum Balance Session
A personalized blend of healing modalities from Lois to best fit your needs.  May include sound healing, Pranic Healing, The Emotion Code™,  and life coaching.
Reiki with Crystal Enhancement
Experience a relaxing, stress relieving session with Julia. Reiki helps remove energetic blockages and balances your chakras.
Coaching with Compassion
Life coaching, guidance, and clarity for those that want more of out of life, are ready to grow, and want life to be easier for them.
Manifest Your Dreams
A unique one on one coaching session with Julia to learn about the Law of Attraction and how to make your dreams a reality!
Qi Gong
Join Lois for an hour of Qi Gong. With no experience or physical requirements necessary, this no pressure drop in class is perfect for anyone looking to try Qi Gong or to enrich their current practice!
Crystal Consultation
Let Julia guide you as you learn more about the healing benefits of stones and which ones can assist you most in your daily life!
Energetic Space Clearing
Energetic Space Clearing cleans or clears energetic residue that can build up and become stagnant.
Wedding Officiant
I believe that love is love and everyone deserves to marry if they so wish.