Quantum Balance Session

Due to the physical distancing requirements of covid-19, all sessions are being held online via the zoom platform.  This change has allowed Lois to bring one of the healing modalities, the Emotion Code, more into focus and use.

“When you restore wholeness, you make the body ripe for miracles. Anything can happen.” – Lissa Rankin, MD

Why Quantum Balance? What is it?

Energy ~ Frequency ~ Vibration

A healthy body and mind occur when our energy, frequency, and vibrations are flowing and aligned. However, this fast-paced, stress-filled, frantic world can easily pull us out of alignment.

Quantum Balance Sessions are a beautiful blend of multiple healing modalities that will bring you back into energetic balance while providing you with ways to continue your self-growth and healing.

Each Quantum Balance experience is individually crafted for you at the time of your session with three main parts:

A Quantum Balance Session starts with a conversation. This would traditionally be called Life Coaching, but with Lois, it is more than that – it’s identifying and flipping long held belief systems, creating new mindsets, and shining a light on new perspectives.

When using the Emotion Code and distant energy connections, Lois is able to identify emotions (as energy) that are trapped in the energy fields.  Using imagery and other energetic techniques along with client full cooperation, these energies are able to be released to make way for healthier ways to think and feel.

Most sessions conclude with energy healing tips and techniques to begin using on your own to continue your self-healing.

While people benefit from one session, the greatest benefit occurs in a series of three over approximately 6 weeks total. Each Quantum Balance session with Lois will last approximately 90 minutes, $80 per session. Packages of 3 sessions available for a total of $210.

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